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arctic hunter arctic hunter

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Dancing Trickster-black Dancing Trickster-black

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Full Moon- human-like Full Moon- human-like

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dancing Mohawk-Blu Jay dancing Mohawk-Blu Jay

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cloud of hummingbirds cloud of hummingbirds

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Bear Feast-Salmon Run Bear Feast-Salmon Run

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bear w salmon bear w salmon

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Keywords: Aboriginal art, Indian art, First Nations, Haida, Tsekani, KwAGiulth, Cree, Coast Salish, West Coast, Coastal, British Columbia, BC, Canada, Lower Mainland, North Vancouver, Indian carvings, Indian paintings, carvings, drawings, jewelry, pendants, medallions, crests, clan, painting, carve, street art, online gallery, online store, online shop, shopping, gifts, homeless, Downtown East Side, DTES, Vancouver, poverty, vulnerable, at risk, near homeless, shelters, plaques, awards, fair trade, Marylee Stephenson.

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